$ Reseller Program: $

"Make good money selling our books from your web site!"

Consumer Publishing is offering a commission based reseller program where we pay participants 30% of their generated book sales while we handle the credit card processing and fulfillment. If you believe your web site would be a good contender to sell our titles from, and you a are a "for profit" company, you should seriously consider this program.

How it works:

Through referral links, customers would make their way from your site to our shopping cart to purchase our publication(s) by credit card through our secure, real-time form. After submitting and getting an approval within eight seconds, the following will happen instantaneously:

You would then receive credit for 30% of the book's retail price (your referring link allows us to track your sales). Should their card get declined, our processor will ask them to try another credit card.

We have three resale options to offer:

Option 1: Let the books sell themselves while offering free car-buying tips from your site! To do this you could offer links to a "buyer advice page(s)" on your site where free car-buying excerpts (tips, advice, etc.) from our books are hosted on your server. On these pages would be links back your regular pages as well as links to our shopping cart which we host on our server (we offer real-time processing through Authorize Net's secured network). Allowing interested people to view our book's Table of Contents and read sample car-buying excerpts not only sells the title, but it keeps our returns rate almost non-existent because people know exactly what they are getting!

Option 2: The quickest and easiest way would be to simply post banner ads, or simple text links, (strategically within your site) which would point them straight to our shopping cart. Again they would get the same real-time processing form while a referring link on our "thank you" page would send them back to your site.

Option 3: Take full advantage and combine both options above to maximize your sales potential!

Three reasons which make this program a slam dunk:

1)You are not sending your customers (which you have worked so hard to bring into your site) to an outside site as you would in a typical link exchange. Instead, your visitors only leave your site momentarily to fill out the real-time order form. When they reach our "thank you" page, your referral link will bring them back.

2) You are making a generous 30% commission on all your sales which we pay quarterly. Currently our titles sell for $9.95 and $7.95. Thirty percent of this is $2.98 and $2.38 respectively, however, book prices will increase to $12.95 each with our upcoming new editions. This means we will soon be paying a healthy $3.88 commission per book to our resellers.

3) Not only are you enhancing your site with pages containing free expert buyer advice, tips, etc., you are also giving yourself new pages and keywords to submit to the search engines and directories making your web site that much easier to find in keyword searches. That is something to think about.

To view some of our shadow sites (teaser sites designed to motivate sales), check out these url's:


You can duplicate one of these completely and add it to your site verbatim or you can pick and choose which excerpts you want to display. We have no problem with you customizing these and formatting to fit your site. We expect it.

Rather than having to surf page by page through the above sites, you can get more details on what you will find on these pages by clicking here. This page gives a short description of each site and each individual file and its size.

To get some background on the author and his books (if you haven't already) you can check out his bio, read up on some of our book reviews, or read our testimonials given by reputable organizations such as Edmund's Price Guides, Car Care Council, and the American Library Association.

Two more things to mention:

1) So there's no confusion, Consumer Publishing was formerly Pyramid West Publishing which originally started in 1995. This is why you will see Pyramid West mentioned throughout our reviews page. We changed our name to Consumer Auto/Publishing which really says what we are all about.

2) You will see some advertisements and reseller information (like you are reading now) up on these shadow sites. Obviously, these would be removed if you decide to use any of these pages.

If you think you have a web site which you could sell our books from, you must complete our Reseller Application form and print, sign, and fax/mail our Reseller Agreement before we can consider your site. If you have any questions or need more information, feel free to email our marketing director Dave Austin.

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